Christof Lindenmayer-Zocchi


20+ years specializing in operations, IT, finance, and procurement in the government and commercial sector. He has led procurement optimization, financial management, lean process improvement, system/software implementation, and leadership development projects for clients in the healthcare, financial services, consumer product goods industries, and DoD/federal government agencies, including the Army, Navy, USDA and FDA. He also specializes in business process management (BPM) / Business Process Reengineering (BPR), data analysis, and reporting design in the following business function areas: IT, finance, accounting, cash applications, accounts payable, compliance, and human resources. His certifications include: MBA, PMP, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, and Resilient Leadership. Before his business career, Christof played professional soccer.


Frank Valdez-Zocchi

Managing Director

30+ years of experience in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and information technology industries. He has led high profile profit-and-loss accountability engagements within the consumer products industry and has extensive experience in multi-national manufacturing organizations, and leadership development, including certification in Resilient Leadership. He has demonstrated cost savings in purchasing and manufacturing along with dramatic increases in revenues, as a President and COO. As an innovative strategist with awareness of the complex factors impacting profitability, he has the proven capacity to address immediate organizational needs as well as anticipate future requirements of both the organization and the global market.


David Hockenbury


10+ years of experience leading and supporting performance optimization efforts for clients in the federal, civilian, health, and defense sectors, including the Air Force, Navy, and FDA. He has led the application of process documentation/mapping, business process reengineering (BPR), and the collection and evaluation of agency workforce data to guide clients towards their envisioned future state. He specializes in developing detailed performance metrics, capturing client processes, and implementing lean process improvements. He has provided project management for large scale efforts with key leadership development programs and executive stakeholders. His certifications include Lean Six Sigma and Resilient Leadership.