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Where Our Company Name Comes From

Zocchi IntroZocchi America’s management consulting company name has its family ties to the U.S. military, as ‘Zocchi’ is the family name of CEO Christof Lindenmayer’s grandmother, wife of U.S. Army Colonel Louis J. Molli, Christof’s grandfather. When Zocchi America’s partners Frank Valdez and Christof Lindenmayer were deciding on a name for their company, they had a common bond with Italy (Zocchi) and the U.S. military (America), which at first glance you would not see from their last names. Frank Valdez’s father’s side has a Hispanic/American family heritage and Christof Lindenmayer’s father’s side has a German/American family heritage. Yet, on each of their mother’s family side, they have Italian roots.

Frank Valdez’s father Staff Sergeant Ramon Valdez who did 2 tours in both Korea and Vietnam had originally joined the U.S. Army for WWII and was stationed in Italy, where he would later meet his wife Silvana Corsi, Frank’s mother. Christof’s grandfather joined the U.S. Army where he was also stationed in Italy during World War II, and would later meet his wife Giovanna Zocchi, Christof’s grandmother. “My grandparents, who all of us grandchildren always referred to them as Nana and Papa, were great people, full of honor, integrity, and kindness. They treated everyone fairly and instilled discipline and a high work ethic in all their kids and grandchildren, and even their great grandchildren,” stated Christof. In the article headline photo is pictured Colonel Molli’s great grandson Cameron Kennedy (Christof’s nephew) in Arlington Cemetery, where Christof’s grandparents are both laid to rest.

“My grandmother loved her hometown in Italy and also loved when she became a citizen of the U.S. and the U.S. military life that she raised our family in. She was very proud and thankful for the U.S. Army, as she and her family experienced firsthand the Nazi occupation of Italy and in her hometown near Florence, until they were liberated by the U.S. Army in WWII. My grandparents were amazing people and we wanted to honor them with our company’s name. I will never forget their burial at Arlington Cemetery, and the respect displayed by our country’s service men and women at their funerals. I had never been prouder of my grandparents. My grandfather fought in 3 major wars (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam) and impressively became a Colonel. However, my grandmother outranked him as she was given the title as General by our family, which my grandfather always acknowledged she was in charge,” Christof said with a smile, “therefore I used her last name Zocchi in our company name, and the Florence fleur de lis in our company logo. It is Italian tradition to always keep your last name (man or woman).”

Christof still has family in Italy that he visits once a year, and often drives past where the old U.S. Army barracks that once housed his grandfather in WWII, close to where he met Christof’s grandmother in her hometown of Pratolino in Tuscany, near Florence, Italy. Christof’s Italian relatives still own and operate a bar and restaurant for over 200 years since the 1700’s in the small town of Pratolino, named Zocchi Bar & Zocchi Ristorante (https://www.ristorantezocchi.com/).


Photos below of Colonel Louis J. Molli and wife Giovanna Zocchi with family.

Molli and wife Giovanna Zocchi with family

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